beyond luxury


a Time Travel Experience

Argentaia represents the perfect synthesis between the absolute beauty of Tuscan nature and the unrivalled charm of an ancient stone walled castle. At its heart has been the conservation and restoration of the historical structures and the choice to use old material, respecting nature and the environment. The stone to rebuild Argentaia is extracted from its own hill, digging for the foundations. Stone, iron and wood were worked inside the estate by Italian artisans and craftsmen.


Monastic Meets Majestic

The over four meters high fireplace open into the living room: a place of pleasure, of indulgence, among sofas, rugs, books, art and windows overlooking the valley and the sea.



At the very heart of Argentaia, a fully equipped cutting edge stainless steel kitchen provides chefs and food lovers the ideal stage to prepare and taste Italian and Tuscan recipes made with local products.


A RESTING PLACE FOR queens and kings

Argentaia’s credo is that good sleep is essential for the wellness of the body as much as space and beauty are important for the wellness of the mind. Each suite is a unique experience of design, style and comfort where no detail is left to chance. From a system of air circulation to cool off naturally the temperature during summer nights on top of the latest air conditioning to under floor heating to allow guests to walk around bare foot even in winter, traditional large stone and brick fireplace, private balcony and roof deck terrace with breath taking views, king-size mattress fitted with organic linen bed sheets, oversized bathroom, bathtub or shower room, high-end toiletries, scented candles and natural fragrance diffusers rigorously made in Italy.


A bridge to the sea

Stone, wood and iron, like in a medieval song, define and enrich the ochre colors of the Maremman landscape, while the ever changing blue of the swimming pool handpainted tiles becomes a bridge to the Mediterranean Sea.


The Kingdom of Wellness

It is impossible is to truly convey Argentaia sense of peace and bliss. One can only travel with the imagination back in time to see the Medieval nuns living in harmony with nature and its rhythms on its hill surrounded by forests and fronting the sea. At Argentaia guests experience a full, simple, healthy and peaceful life, long forgotten.

Our Sustainability

The Soul Of The Estate

The magic atmosphere of Argentaia’s stone vaulted wine cellars offers a unique experience for exceptional wine tastings and wonderful dinners in the secret passageways of the castle.


As Nature Intended

Founded on the top of a hill surrounded by forests and facing the sea, Argentaia is a privileged estate with minimum impact on the environment. Through the use of Roman construction techniques the consumption of water and energy have been minimized and the heating and cooling of floors and walls made more efficient working with nature itself. Vineyards and olive groves all around the estate, orchards and vegetable gardens within and outside the stonewall provide daily the freshest food.


Pet Therapy

Many special creatures call Argentaia home: horses, donkeys, hens and roosters graze free on our hills, also filled with wildlife, roe deer, foxes, porcupines, hawks, owls… Heading out on a walk is the best way to get a glimpse of them.