Privilege and responsibility

Blessed with a pristine land, in between unspoiled Tuscan hills and Mediterranean Sea, love for the earth and respect for nature are the foundations around which everything evolves at Argentaia. The same philosophy applies from the monumental work of construction and restoration of the historical structures to the effort of conservation of century old forests and protection of wildlife to every simple daily gesture.

Working with nature itself

Testify to this care is the choice to rebuild using old material and to have it all crafted locally and by hand. The stone used was all extracted from the same hill, while digging for foundations. Through the study and adaptation of Roman construction techniques, the consumption of water and energy have been minimized and the circulation of air and heating and cooling of floors and walls made more efficient working with nature itself.

Vineyards and olive groves are grown all around the estate, orchards and vegetable gardens planted within and outside the stonewalls to provide daily the freshest and healthiest food. Horses, donkeys and hens graze free on our fields and our hills are filled with special creatures such as wild boars, roe deer, foxes, porcupines, hawks and owls that can be seen undisturbed.

Living in harmony with nature and its rhythms is reality at Argentaia.