In Between Sacred Heritage and Pristine Nature


For centuries cloistered nuns, looking for a respite from the world and a special place to feel closer to God, have lived and prayed on the hill where Argentaia has been re built. The sacredness and the blissfulness of the site can still be felt today. Time seems to come to a stop, allowing guests to truly rest, rebalance, recharge and experience the genuine local way of life, taste exceptional wines, meditate, swim, walk, horseback ride and discover unspoiled Medieval villages, woods and beaches.

A castle conceived on the remains of a 12th Century monastery

Argentaia marks the beginning of a new era for very high-end hospitality, reshaping the concept of exclusivity. Through a contemporary perception of comfort, towering spaces drawn from a fascinating past and the blissfulness of the remains of a medieval priory, culturally sophisticated travellers will enjoy Tuscany in an eco-friendly luxury estate where heritage, contemporary art and Italian craft come together.


Scrupulously restored and made timeless thanks to the passion and taste of its owners and the work of expert Italian artisans, who over the course of a decade have crafted each single element from stone, iron and wood by hand, Argentaia boasts collaborations with some of the greatest contemporary artists in the world: from the sculptures of Matteo Pugliese and Matteo Lucca and the graffiti of Pixel Pancho, to the monumental art of Gustavo Aceves.


Commanding the coastline of the Argentario peninsula and the unspoiled hills of the Tuscan Maremma, Argentaia is a place where the impossible has been made available, a cocoon of low-impact pleasure, a wonder born on the ruins of an ancient monastery, preserved to combine its sacred past with pristine nature.

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Argentaia’s name is a tribute to the Promontory and Sea of Argentario, mirrored by the estate with its eighty hectares of vineyards, olive groves, forest and grazing land. Love for the earth is the focus around which everything evolves here since centuries and the same philosophy still applies today. A passionate team of awarded winemakers and expert agronomists is dedicated to wine and oil production.

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