Love for the earth

Argentaia’s name is a tribute to the promontory and sea of Argentario, mirrored by the estate with its eighty hectares of vineyards, olive groves, forest and grazing land. Love for the earth is the focus around which everything evolves there since centuries and the same philosophy still applies today. A passionate team of awarded winemakers and expert agronomists is dedicated to wine and oil production.


Pure Vermentino, with Mediterranean citrus notes and a fresh full flavor, Monnallegra is the expression of the spirit of the Tuscan Maremma: sunny, joyful and genuine, like Monna Allegra eyes.

Wine Details

Curiosity: Monna is the abbreviation of Madonna, courtly appellative of Lady used to title the name of women; in a joking tone it can also mean drunkenness, “prendere la monna” means in fact getting drunk.

Le Papesse

Le Papesse is the celebration of the female soul of Argentaia. Graceful, intelligent and charming, the Tarot figure of the Popess, a woman pope, represents the characters of this rosé, dressed in old rose, with fragrant and sensual aromas.

Wine Details

Curiosity: Close to Argentaia stands il Giardino dei Tarocchi, the Tarot Garden, a monumental sculpture park inspired by the esoteric cards created by French artist Niki de Saint Phalle.

Orto delle Monache

Argentaia houses an ancient vineyard, from the time when a convent dominated the hill. The nuns first and generations of farmers then took care of it, making it a witness of history and a treasure trove of the flavors of the estate. From its grapes comes Orto delle Monache: an introspective Morellino di Scansano Riserva label wine, austere in perfume and deep in flavor, capable of transmitting the spirituality of Argentaia.

Wine Details

Curiosity: During the restoration of the remains of the monastery an ancient artefact was found; a copper cross representing a woman, probably a cloistered nun. This crucifix is today displayed at Argentaia.

Col di Lupo

Col di Lupo is a young red wine, grown on and named after the wild hill of the Tuscan Maremma where Argentaia stands. Fierce red, fruity and aromatic, it is all played on freshness and finesse.

Wine Details

Curiosity: Argentaia stands on the top of the highest hill of the area, named Colle di Lupo, Wolf Hill, as wolves once populated it. In our day, if you are lucky enough you can still get a glimpse of one.


Morellino di Scansano obtained from Sangiovese grapes aged for six months in French oak barriques, Priorato is a wine of character, recognizable for its redcurrant acidity and the finesse of its tannins.

Wine Details

Curiosity: The name Morellino is a diminutive form of Morello and so translates as “little dark one”, for its typical small and very dark berried grapes.

Argentaia extra Virgin Olive Oil

Maximum expression of Tuscan extravirgin olive oil. Exclusively obtained from olives grown in Argentaia’s thirty hectares of olive groves, rigorously hand-picked and cold pressed within twenty-four hours from the harvest. Boasting outstanding organoleptic qualities, elegantly intense in taste, balancing bitterness and spiciness, with a fresh aroma of Mediterranean scrub.

Oil Details

Curiosity: Because olives begin oxidizing immediately after leaving the tree, ours are pressed within twenty-four hours from handpicking, ensuring the graceful, fresh and clean flavor of our oil. Our manual harvesting also allows us to select only the best olives at the correct state of ripeness.